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What: Lost Antarctica
Who: James McClintock
When: Out now
Why: We mentioned this book last week, but it's well worth another tout. Within, sea butterflies do a version of hailing a cab, a particular seafloor coral goes all Bojangles when it's dinnertime, and other cool stuff about this cold, beautiful place. Antarctica may be remote, but the fact that it is getting less cold every decade has consequences that will hit home no matter where you are on the planet. A fascinating read and a cautionary tale.

What: The Hydrogen Sonata
Who: Iain M. Banks
When: October 9
Why: A new entry in the excellent Scottish writer's sci-fi Culture series begun in 1987. Banks writes (non-science) fiction, too (without his middle initial), and if you haven't read his book The Wasp Factory, we can recommend it highly with this caveat: it is violent and deeply disturbing. Otherwise, you know, great.

What: Irresistible Revolution: Confronting Race, Class and the Assumptions of LGBT Politics
Who: Urvashi Vaid
When: October 30
Why: Essential LGBT activist Vaid writes penetrating essays about the movement with which she is most closely associated and explicates the connections for broader-based social change.

What: Waiting for the Barbarians: Essays from the Classics to Pop Culture
Who: Daniel Mendelsohn
When: October 16
Why: One of those rare writers we read no matter what he's writing about—and with Mendelsohn that can be anything, as the subtitle suggests, from Rimbaud to Mad Men.

What: In Season: More Than 150 Fresh and Simple Recipes from New York Magazine Inspired by Farmers Market Ingredients
Who: Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld
When: October 25
Why: The magazine writers, reliably inspiring themselves, get hardbound.

What: Astray
Who: Emma Donoghue
When: October 30
Why: The author of Room has here brewed up a number of short stories, inspired by fact, of travel in and out of North America, in which someone, in some way, goes astray. Can't wait for this one.

What: My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop
Who: 84 writers
When: November 13
Why: Ronald Rice has edited an anthology of writers on bookstores. So: Dave Eggers on Green Apple Books, Simon Winchester on The Bookloft, and Ann Patchett on Mclean & Eakin Booksellers, plus dozens of others.

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Chesley McLaren used to illustrate the paper version of MUG back in the day. In addition to her illustration work, she's gone on to write children's books and launch the fabulous line of clothing (chronicled in the Times) called Demoiselle by Chesley McLaren. She's having a sample sale of pieces from the fall and spring collection, sizes 2-6, today through Saturday, by appointment only. Cash only. Call her at 917.797.9818 or email for appointment or further info.

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