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Fall Foliage

'Bad things happen when you leave the city' is Manhattan Mini-Storage's inspired new ad slogan, but during the next few weeks, a drive in the country is an exception to that sensible admonition. Here's where to get the relevant info on the golds, reds and oranges.

New York
NY's website is terrific: it gives you detailed foliage reports from around the state ("Old Forge projects 20 percent color change, with bright red and purple leaves accented by splashes of orange and yellow…") as well as places to go for great views and where to find farm stands along the way.

A bit thin on info, but it does suggest going to the coastal state parks to get your leaf peeping in without the crowds.

New Jersey
This site has some fab pre-fab driving tours along with its foliage report. Select from themes such as historic, mountain tour, pinelands tour and so on.

Pennsylvania's got a thorough, useful website, but the live foliage cams, seen from your workplace, are a form of torture.

Snoozy as these things go, but of course the state's got the goods, so who cares?
In the city, we think the best seat in town for fall foliage is Wave Hill's bench under the cupola in the wild garden, with its view over the garden and to the Hudson and the Palisades. 675 W. 252nd Bronx 718.549.3200. www.wavehill.org.

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