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How do you pick your topics?
Everyone puts together their own version of the city—that's why we find New York so endlessly rewarding. You can be a culture vulture, foodie, sports maven, shopaholic, do-gooder, nature-lover (and all the rest) in any combination and in any proportion. Our mission is to reflect that, to look at New York from as many perspectives as we can, react to what's happening in the city, what you're talking about, what you're interested in, to give you information that will help you refine your own New York.

Do people pay you to write about them?
We accept nothing for inclusion in editorial. No free lunches, no cocktails, no swag, no fees, no samples, no gifts. We write about something if we think it will be of interest to you. We do participate in the Amazon affiliates program, which means that when we recommend a book and you buy it there, MUG gets a small percentage of that sale.

What do you do with my email address?
Nothing, except send MUG to you. Your email address is never shared with anyone.

Can I write to you with a specific question?
Sure, but we can't provide the kind of concierge service that some people would like ('I need a restaurant recommendation for an anniversary,' etc.) We get dozens of requests for information every day, and as much as we want to help, if we did we'd never get MUG done. If you have a question that we think other readers may be interested in, we'll try to answer it in a future article.

Why should I donate to MUG?
In March of this year, MUG became entirely reader supported and stopped accepting advertising. We need at least 15% of readers to donate something each year in order for this to work. So far, we're not there yet. We've had fewer, though more generous, donations than we had planned for — if you have donated, we thank you! And if you have yet to donate, we need your support.

What's all the Shop Talk talk?
It's an ebook about New York's 100 Most Interesting Stores. It's a fun read, if we do say so. Get it for yourself, give it as a gift. It's available in Kindle or Nook format (remember, Kindle books can be read on almost any computer, smartphone or tablet. You don't need to have a Kindle, just the free Kindle software.) The book is perfect for the New Yorker who has everything, or thinks they do.

If you've read the book, we'd appreciate your review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Who did the cover for Shop Talk?

The great Matte Stephens

How about tips?
We always welcome your tips, comments, suggestions, and compliments/complaints about businesses and services.

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Lower East Side

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