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This morning, some entirely appropriate fat shaming.

If you want to be literal — and there's a compelling financial imperative for paper companies that make various wet wipe products to be literal — your Wet Ones, your Wet Wipes, your Baby Wipes, and yes, your Dude Wipes will all flush down the toilet.

But out of sight, all hell is breaking loose or, more precisely just the opposite, creating stygian logjams that have earned the nickname fatbergs. These fatbergs are a mix of personal hygiene products, including wet wipes, tampons, and condoms, mixed with oil and grease. They're not only disgusting, they're ruinous to sewers around the world. Detroit and London have recently had to wrestle with particularly lardy leviathans.

The City spends almost $19 million a year degreasing the sewers. But this is a problem with a simple solution. This page gives you the basic message: even if your wet wipe says it's flushable, do not flush it. Do not send cooking grease down the drain. After it cools, put the grease into a container and put it in the trash.

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