arts 12.7.07

Flashback: Louis Stettner

Earlier in the year, we wrote about Irwin Klein, a photographer whose images of New York in the '60s are an absolute pleasure.

Today, another photographer who loves New York, even if he lives in some place called "Paris." Louis Stettner, born in 1922 in Brooklyn, continues to photograph in addition to painting and sculpting. If you've never seen his images of New York, from 1953 or so onward, you're in for a treat. Wherever his eye roams—the Bowery, commuters at the old Penn Station, a woman "Elbowing an Out of Town Newsstand"—he sees something we never would have.

A collection of his work, Louis Stettner's New York, is out of print, but not hard to find.

cue ball, ring finger…art and genes…look at this.


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