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Flashback: Robert Otter

To be honest, we didn't know we were starting a series when we ran a short article last April about the terrific black and white images of an older New York, captured by photographer Irwin Klein:

Then we became besotted with Louis Stettner's work:

And recently, Ned Otter wrote to us about his late father, Robert Otter, and the website he created in his honor. Bob Otter was a native New Yorker and a commercial photographer who later went into real estate to support his family. But he was also, as you'll see, a gifted artist, capturing in his off-time the exuberant brew of Greenwich Village between 1962-1972. See more of Otter's work here. Prints are available for purchase.

And if you know of another overlooked photographer who specialized in New York scenes, let us know!

Here's a limited-edition print we found that we just love—a mid-century modern take — mixed with a splash of Paris—of a NYC street. It's by Matte Stephens, an artist based in Alabama, who does great work. $60, only two left in stock.

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