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Flight Kit

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive…
-Robert Louis Stevenson

To travel well-accessorized is a better thing than to arrive haggard (and that goes for you, too, guys).

In that philosophical spirit, we offer our suggestions for an in-flight kit designed to combat the drought conditions on a long plane ride. (By the way, Fresh has a new in-flight kit, but it's $130 for hydrating mask, moisturizing serum, and towelettes. Ouch.) MUG's kit, with 11 items, runs about $116. Add masks, earplugs, neckrolls, Advil and Tums, food, and bottled water, toothbrush, toothpaste, et al. to taste.

Basis Cleansing Cloths
If you've got your whole maquillage going, it's the Evian mister for you. But we make liberal use of these (alcohol- and soap-free) facecloths to lift the fug of flight.
Cost: $5.29 for 20
Source: Drugstores

Another can't-live-without item for us, an instant oasis for dry jet eyes.
Cost: $11.69 for 32 single-use containers
Source: Drugstores

Talika Eye Decompress
It's a tablet one minute, an eyemask the next. Pretty cool all the way around.
Cost: $25, nine treatments
Source: Sephora

Prescriptives Super Flight Cream
Moisturizer that fights cabin climate with natural plant extracts.
Cost: $35 for 1.7 oz.
Source: Department stores

Dr. Hauschka Jet Set Kit
A kit-within-a-kit. The small tin contains toner, Rejuvenating Mask, eye cream, hand cream, and rosemary leg and arm toner.
Cost: $21.50
Source: Sephora

The Art of Shaving Lip Balm
Made with Balsam Peru essential oil, whatever that is. But it does the trick on dry lips.
Cost: $12, .5 oz
Source: Art of Shaving, 141 E. 62nd [Lex/3rd] 212.317.8436, and other locations.

Pretz Saline Spray
Ayr, Ocean, and other sprays like that are fine, too. But we like Pretz because it also comes with soothing Yerba Santa.
Cost: $5.50
Source: 1.7 oz.

Finally, this website specializes in travel-size versions of, basically, everything ever made.


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