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Pogo sticks, which have been around since 1919, are essentially about maintaining your balance. The Flybar, its modern descendant, is about defying gravity.

Designed by an MIT-trained physicist, the original pogo company, and champion skateboarder Andy Macdonald, this pogo can send you up more than five feet in the air. With its patented elastomeric spring system, it feels more like bouncing on a trampoline than it does the staccato sidewalk-thudding that you remember from the old days. And the Flybar 1200, the first model of its type, has a spring system that adjusts to body weight (up to 250 pounds), skill level, and terrain.

Yes, we look like a jackass on it. No, we don't care — it's way too much fun.

Available for $299.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer and at Amazon.
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