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Follow the Money

The Museum of American Financial History, 28 Bway [Morris] 212.908.4110, has two exhibits up through July: "Making Money — Bank Note Engraving and the Fight Against Counterfeiting" and "Survival of the Fittest — The Evolution of the Dow Jones Industrial Average."

Last year, the American Numismatic Society moved from its old home way uptown down to 96 Fulton [William] 212.571.4470. They have the world's largest numismatic library, open for research (with an appointment) and two current exhibitions. "New York On Steel" shows stocks and bonds with engravings of NYC buildings and scenes and "Drachmas, Doubloons, and Dollars: The History of Money" includes the world's most valuable coin (the 1933 Double Eagle). Those exhibitions (and others in the next few years) will be at the Federal Reserve, while the Society's exhibition space is built.

The Fed
We like the tour of the Federal Reserve, 33 Liberty [Nassau/William] 212.720.6130, where billions of dollars of gold sits on Manhattan's bedrock, 50 feet below sea level.

The Stock Exchange Bell
A brief history is here. The NYSE isn't open now for visits or tours.

Coin Collecting
Stack's Rare Coins, 123 W. 57th [6th/7th] 212.582.2580, is the country's oldest rare coin dealer. They have an auction coming up on March 15th and 16th of two collections. More info here.

Historic Banks
The Times did a piece last month on what's happened to many of NY's banks with stunning Beaux-Arts interiors.

Tomorrow evening, March 8, 6:15pm, The Smith Family Foundation sponsors a debate "American Cowboy Capitalism vs. Eurosclerosis: Which economic model will end up in the dustbin of history?" at the CUNY Grad Center, 365 5th [34th]. More info.

Monopoly Fans
Fans of Rich Uncle Pennybags (pictured) can find like-minded individuals at the
Monopoly Meetup Group.

Lots of blogs want to help you waste time well. BusinessWeek Online's personal finance blog wants to make sure your time and money is Well Spent.

NYU's adult ed class Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning is designed to brush up your money IQ so you can make better financial decisions. It takes place at the Woolworth Building from 5/19-7/7, Thursdays from 6-8pm, $513.

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