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Food-flavored blogs, mostly NY-centric (with a few ringers tossed in), that we especially like. Some are better written than others, some have a crisp, professional look, while others are plain-cooked. All strike us as labors of love. In no special order:

A Full Belly
This used to be known as NYC Eats, but has evolved into a blog about New York and San Francisco dining. In it, roundups of reviews, news, and commentary from the site's editor Alaina Browne.

This is a bulletin board rather than a blog, but it's smart reading: recent discussions on Times critic Frank Bruni, Cru, Minni's Hotpot in Flushing, and Cafe Gray.

Jim Leff's long-running website eschews the hoity and the toity, preferring to chew over the chow at the city's mom-and-pops, authentic ethnic eateries, and handle plaintive cries such as the recent post: "Quick, need a cupcake near 57th and 7th."

Not all food, but this scrappy, downtown-oriented blog often has the first word on new restaurants and bars, well before the paint could possibly be dry.

Words to Eat By
A warm blanket of a blog from a Brooklyn writer, the site focuses on recipes, the cooking process, weight issues, and what's evoked from a loaf of challah.

Vittles Vamp
In spite of the Granny/Jed Clampett moniker, the anonymous blogger behind VV provides strong coverage of both up- and downscale dining in the city and on her travels. Food trends, recipes, events, all in a pleasantly conversational style.

Andrea Strong
Andrea Strong is a food writer whose work appears in publications around town, and the site features her articles, her restaurant reviews (she's not a tough grader, but you definitely get a good sense of the dishes), and a section that includes news and buzz on chefs, events, and other industry matters.

Slice NY
This 24/7 pizza-talkin' blog is everything a self-respecting, pizza-lovin' city like NY could want, second only to a slice on the go.

At this endlessly useful crossroads of Bon App and Gourmet, Epicurious contains a blog-like feature called The Corner Table, written by Jennifer Leuzzi. It's a daily tip sheet on what's new in the food and restaurant world.

The Gaijin Girl's Guide to Chinatown
The engaging blog largely consists of reports on dishes the intrepid writer has eaten, with photo, comments, and a thumbs up or down whether she'd try it again.

Frost Street
The culinary adventures of a NYC lawyer, as the subtitle has it, Frost Street achieved a certain distinction this Thanksgiving with its improvement, if that's the right word, on turducken: turduckeneasquail, an amalgam of turkey, duck, chicken, guinea hen, squab, quail, and stuffing.

Substance over style here: nothing to look at, but everything to learn about food: restaurants around the world, cooking, wine and spirits, from spirited, well-versed, and well-traveled participants.

Chocolate and Zucchini
Clotilde is the young Parisian behind this well-regarded blog that features, along with enticing photos, writings on markets, local specialties, and restaurants in France. Knowledgeable, written with a light touch, and utterly winning. Think Patricia Wells crossed with Audrey Tautou.

Shameless Restaurants
Stories from NYC restaurant workers about their place (or former place) of employment. Some are laudatory, most not. "Insane, corrupt owners" runs one headline. Addictive when you're in the mood for some bitter mudslinging.

Salli Vates
Pseudonymous Salli Vates (get it?) covers all kinds of food and restaurant experiences, but gives extra attention to the boroughs, the overlooked, and the as-yet undiscovered. It was from Salli that we recently learned of Zaitzeff, 72 Nassau [John] 212.571.7272, and their primo burgers.

Gothamist Food
An interesting mix of restaurants, shops, and recipes in Gothamist's food section. They also keep tabs on what other local media is covering.

We've written before how much we like Regina Schrambling's writing, which doesn't suffer fools gladly, or at all, really. Not since the heyday of the late Seymour Britchky has there been anyone writing about the food scene with the same gimlet eye and scalpel tongue.

The Food Section
Perfect for information or inspiration, this blog does a superb job of tracking local events, along with interesting original posts about dining out and cooking in.
Should be an interesting discussion on WFMU 91.1 FM, when Michael Scheuer, the formerly anonymous author of Imperial Hubris and expert on Osama bin Laden, talks with The Speakeasy host Dorian, tonight from 6-7pm.

In case you missed it, the Times ran a strong lead editorial in the Saturday paper called Stop the Stadium in Its Tracks, which cogently articulates why the stadium is bad for New York, a topic we discussed here last month.

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