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THE MORNING LINE 100 years ago tonight, the Woolworth Building had its 80,000 lights illuminated by button-press of President Woodrow Wilson in the White House, after 7pm, which gave a signal to the building's engineers. [Hat-tip: Dave Gardner and The Bowery Boys]

If ever there were a veggie shaman, it's Deborah Madison, whose new book, Vegetable Literacy, will have you looking at—and enjoying—plant foods in new ways. [Photo: Christopher Hirsheimer]… Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, by T. Colin Campbell, covers the latest thinking on how to eat. Campbell is the author of The China Study, which examined the relationship between diet and disease, and advocates making plants and whole foods the core parts of all meals.

Lee Frank and Rachel Anderson, the fine folks behind the crispy Nachos NY website, now have a book out called Ultimate Nachos that includes 84 recipes for that happy food.

We just finished reading Consider the Fork, Bee Wilson's endlessly engaging history of how we cook and eat. Highly recommended. [Main image: illustration from Consider the Fork by Annabel Lee]… Another approach to the transformation of natural ingredients into food is Michael Pollan's Cooked which examines the process through the framework of the four elements—fire, water, air and earth… In June, the U.S. publication of British food expert/TV host William Sitwell's A History of Food in 100 Recipes.

Andrew Feinberg and Francine Stephens' esteemed restaurant Franny's has a 'simple, seasonal, Italian' cookbook out June 4, written with Melissa Clark.

Steal the Menu, part of the job description for food critics before the advent of digital menus, is also the name of the memoir by Raymond Sokolov, a former NY Times food editor, WSJ Eating Out columnist, author and historian. Four decades of food and restaurant coverage should make for entertaining reading. The book is out May 14.

Even an éminence grise like Mr. Sokolov must be surprised at the prominent place that trucks and carts now have in the hearts of food-loving New Yorkers. The street food scene gets chronicled in New York à la Cart by Alexandra Penfold and Siobhan Wallace, with stories and recipes from beloved mobile noshes.

We wouldn't put Gulp in the appetite-stimulant category. Even so, Mary Roach's rip-roaring tour of the alimentary canal is great reading.


Next month, the city's bike sharing program, presented as Citi Bike, is set to launch. How often do you expect to make use of it?










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