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Food for Life

When you've had all the mayonnaise and bacon you can stomach on Atkins, Food for Life, 866.877.5433,, will help you lose weight with a delicious, balanced diet of three meals and two snacks, fully prepared and delivered overnight to your door.

The balance here is 40% protein, 30% carbohydrate, 30% fat, though the plan can be customized to suit specific needs. The company will ask you about foods you dislike, food allergies and so on. A recent menu consisted of a spinach, feta and chive omelet for breakfast, barbecue chicken for lunch, salmon with cucumber sauce for dinner and snacks of 'hot' ham with apple slaw and chocolate chip protein muffins. Much thought clearly goes into the menu planning: the variety is impressive and the flavors are straightforward and satisfying.

Food is delivered overnight in chilled bags. No doorman? They'll ask for a key to your building and the bag will appear in front of your door by morning. Preparation is easy: pop the individually packaged meals into the microwave for a couple of minutes or heat them in the oven. Lunch generally needs no heating so you can take it to the office without having to nuke it.

If you're going to be out of town or don't need the service for a day, they need 48 hours notice. No long-term commitment is necessary, though. You can order it for a couple of weeks at a time, though the cost goes down the further in advance you pay: for three months, the cost is $25 a day. Pay for a month, it's $30 a day. Service is exceptionally pleasant.
City Secrets New York is the fourth in the series of engaging guidebooks, created and edited by Robert Kahn. The idea is to gather an eclectic bunch of historians, artists, writers, architects, novelists and others to write about their favorite little corner of the city. MUG made a few contributions to the book (we have zero financial interest), but look for the pieces by such notables as Anna Quindlen, Brice Marden, Oliver Sacks, Kate Spade, John Guare, Michael Cunningham and Richard Meier.

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