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On the Short List
We've loved Gary Robins' cooking since he was a wee thing making a big noise at Aja, over a decade ago. It was spring, 1996 when we wrote that he was "one of the city's most promising chefs" and since then he's proven himself over and over, at restaurants as far-flung as Pacific West, the Biltmore Room, and the Russian Tea Room. The itinerant chef (he's invariably described as peripatetic) has never shown much inclination to settle down, but his cooking skills are as sharp as ever. At his new place, Sheridan Square, 138 Seventh Ave. S. [10th] 212.352.2237, he's created an American menu (Carolina trout, L.I. duck breast)—just catch it while you can.

Also on the list: Scott Conant, late of L'Impero and Alto, has resurfaced further south at Scarpetta, 355 W. 14th [8th/9th] 212.691.0555. Yes, it's perilously close to the meatpacking district, but Conant is too good a chef to let that bring down his game.

Provence redux was scuppered by the city's current indifference to eating French, and Marc Meyer and Vicki Freeman are too smart to stay too long at the fair. Presto chango, Hundred Acres, 38 Macdougal [Prince] 212.475.7500, joins their lineup of other American restaurants Five Points and Cookshop.

Up Your Nose
David Lombardo helps you Develop Your Nose: Spain vs. USA at the Astor Center on June 18th, 6:30pm, $65.

Down Your Throat
BYO to an online tasting of Laphroaig, plus details on the brand-new Laphroaig Cáirdeas.

On the Patio
We never tire of the little plot of land in midtown under the care of Barbetta, where a lunch in the garden is New York at its most civilized.

And More…
Learn how to make perfect onion rings at Broadway Panhandler, June 22nd, 1pm… Chanterelle's 10th Annual Rare Artisanal Sake Dinner takes place on June 24th (that one's sold out) and June 25th. Sake producers from Japan will be on hand to show off the goods, along with a 9-course blowout from David Waltuck… Adam Kuban of A Hamburger Today says Zaitzeff on Nassau Street makes "The Best Damn Burger I've Had in a Long Time."

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