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Foot Care

At Angel Feet, 77 Perry [Bleecker/W. 4th] 212.924.3576, reflexology sessions are $50 for 30 minutes and $85 for 60 minutes.

Essential Oil Foot Soak
Have a Serenity foot soak, which consists of ylang ylang, cedar, marjoram, lavender, vetiver, and may chang. It's $15, or $10 with a reflexology session at Sole, 227 E. 14th [2nd/3rd] 212.420.7653.

SkinCareLab, 568 Bway [Prince/Spring] 212.334.3142, the sleek and popular spa, offers a pedicure for $60. For $70, you can have an exfoliating pedicure — a sea salt scrub followed by rosemary massage cream.

Relief from High Heels
Eneslow, 924 Bway [21st/22nd] 212.477.2300, has developed the Walking Balance inserts to reduce pain from high heels. The inserts provide arch support, reduce pressure in the metatarsal area, and prevent feet from sliding forward, which bunches toes. $45.

Foot Massage
$65 for 30 minutes at Just Calm Down, 32 W. 22nd [5th/6th] 212.337.0032.

Orchid Pedicure
Acqua Beauty Bar, 7 E. 14th [5th/Univ] 212.620.4329. For $45 (45 minutes), you get an 8-step pedicure that includes soak, sugar scrub, pushback, massage, and color.

Skin Softener
Bliss makes Foot Patrol, $26 for 4.2 oz, with peppermint and salicylic acid, to make your pedal extremities all sweet 'n' soft.

The Satin and Silk treatment at Lush Essential Hand and Foot Spa, 98 Thompson [Prince/Spring] 212.625.1839, covers your feet in paraffin. $55.

The Callus Eliminator really does work — soak your feet, apply, wait a few minutes, then buff those calluses away. It's available at Ray Beauty Supply, 721 8th [45th] 212.757.0175, $2.99 for 1oz.

Copy Shoes
You know when a pair of shoes is making your feet especially happy. Make it last by having a copy made by T. O. Dey, 9 E. 38th [5th/Mad] 212.683.6300.
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