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For Love and
For Hangovers

Some consider the tiny Olympia Oyster among the world's very best—James Beard called it "the most distinguished of the oysters." It was once so popular that it was nearly overharvested into extinction. Food writer and Jon Rowley gives a talk tonight on the little beauty at Moore Bros. Wines, 33 E. 20th [Bway/Park Av. S.] 212.996.0644, 6:30pm, sponsored by the Culinary Historians of NY. Tickets are $40 at the door.

Patrick McMurray knows his oysters. The owner of Toronto's Starfish Oysterbed & Grill, he's also one of the fastest shuckers in the world, confirmed by his win at the World Oyster Opening Championship and a Guinness Book record for most oysters shucked in a minute (33, thank you very much). Now he's written a book called Consider The Oyster: A Shucker's Field Guide. The book contains oyster history, aphrodisiac lore, and of course shucking tips.

sunday supper
On Sunday nights, both branches of The Mermaid Inn, 96 2nd [5th/6th] and 568 Amst [87th/88th], will donate 5% of their total Sunday sales to the cool non-profit Kiva.org. Kiva distributes money to low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries and you get to track exactly where your money goes.

We've become devoted readers of Melissa Clark's A Good Appetite column in the Wednesday Times. We've made her scallop pan roast recipe at least half a dozen times and we've been itching to try her fondue variations. And there's always Artisanal's Fondue Blend, $26, to make it even easier.

Pancake Month is on at Clinton St. Baking, 4 Clinton [Houston/Stanton] 646.602.6263. Coming up: pecans and warm maple caramel, and fresh raspberries with whipped lemon cream…If Clinton Street is too far south for you, check out their northern outpost: Community Food and Juice, 2893 Bway [112th/113th] 212.665.2800. No pancake fest, but Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes are a menu staple.

merguez 'wich
Jeeves never served Bertie Wooster a merguez-frites, the North African sandwich of spicy sausage and fries (the fries must be en suite!), but it would have been just the remedy for one of Wooster's famous hangovers. The harissa alone will cure what ails you. Anyway, you can get two of the belly bombers for $20 at Nomad, 78 2nd [4th] 212.253.5410.


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