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Some of the businesses listed are good enough to handle conservation framing — the processes used to protect works of art or things of great sentimental value. (We'll cover this in more detail another day). This selection of framers (with no small assist from MUG readers, whose comments are quoted), though, is assembled with value in mind.

H & M Art Gallery of Downtown, 105 Nassau [Ann] 212.233.0422. 30-minute custom framing.

Amity Studio, 377 Grand [Essex] 212.673.6055. "For basic standard work, the price is right."

L&O Frame, 140 Duane [W. Bway/Church] 212.587.5744. "Larry [Levinson] does all my framing. He has a keen eye for color and style. His prices are very fair."

Pearl Paint, 56 Lispenard [Church/Bway] 212.431.7932. They may take a long time (2-3 months, in some cases), but Pearl is still credited with "decent service." And there's "very affordable do-it-yourself framing" available.

General Art, 180 Varick [King] 212.255.1298. "If there is such a thing as a framing artist, this proprietor is one. His eye is incredible and his intuition is spot on; he is as pleasant as the day is long. But he also has that other mysterious jewel in his crown: cheap as hell. How does he do it? Don't know, but an almost three-foot-square print recently got framed and it cost $165. Gobsmacked.

14th Street Framing Gallery, 225 W. 14th [7th/8th] 212.691.8156. "I got the tabloid-sized Boston Herald front and back pages from the day the Sox won (laid out as one long piece of paper) framed and matted for $175. The price included archival matting and glass to minimize damage to the newspaper. It looks great, the people were friendly and helpful." The website has a 10% off coupon. [Will the archival matting actually last until the Sox win again? -Ed.]

Artful Posters, 194 Bleecker [MacDougal/6th]212.473.1747. "Their prices are incredibly reasonable and they do a very good job."

Dryden Gallery, 129 4th [12th/13th] 212.420.1690. "I've always had good experiences in lower-cost framing [here]…helpful and reliable."

Chelsea Frames, 197 9th [22nd] 212.807.8957. "Prices run the gamut, but they make many frames there onsite, and they can be very reasonably priced. Very professional and amicable."

Skyframe, 141 W. 28th [6th/7th] 212.925.7856. "An artist friend always uses and recommends Skyframe. Exceptional service, quality, and prices."

New Yorker Picture Frame, 366 2nd [21st/22nd] 212.533.0808. "Very reasonably priced, very nice people…good selection. Nothing particularly fancy or over the top — but solid, and good if you have a lot to do at once."

City Frame, 259 W. 30th [7th/8th] 212.967.4401. Well-regarded framer, off street level.

Art ASAP, 415 W. 50th [9th/10th] 212.956.0805. "Not cheap but worth every penny."

One Hour Framing, 131 W. 45th [7th/8th] 212.869.5263. "The quality is high, the prices are reasonable and they certainly do a fast turnaround." Ask for Waseem.

Top Art Gallery, 166 W. 72nd [Bway] 212.873.3993. "They are the cheapest that I have found on the UWS by a long shot and the service and results are stellar. John is the guy to ask for."

Jack's Art Gallery, 2855 Bway [110th/11th] 212.749.5554, "A fabulous framing resource. Although the store looks generic…they really do a fine job."

Metropolitan Graphic Art and Frame Shop 1459 3rd [82nd/83rd] 212.737.9688. "Best framer ever and he is reasonable."

Handmade Frames, 1013 Grand [Morgan] 718.782,8364. "Not inexpensive, but the best value. I have done some very complicated framing with them, and compared to everyone's gold-standard — Bark in Soho — Handmade was less expensive and equal quality.

Worldwide Frames, 165 Morgan Ave. [Scholes] 718.386.8030. "Superb" quality from this workshop (not a store). Pick and delivery available.

Yale Picture Frame, 770 Fifth Ave. [28th] Bklyn 718.788.6200. Family owned and operated since 1929. "Patient and helpful…ready ahead of time…excellent work." Pickup and delivery available.

MAIL ORDER "Great product at great prices…lousy customer service. How's that for a mixed message?" "Great." MUG also thinks their website is especially useful, particularly its framing advice section.
5 List: Wine Bars
1. Ara Wine Bar, 24 9th [13th/14th] 212.242.8642
2. Bar Veloce, 176 7th [20th/21st] 212.629.5300
3. D.O.C. Wine Bar, 83 N. 7th [Wythe] 718.963.1925
4. Morrell's, 1 Rock Plaza [49th] 212.262.7700
5. Rhône, 63 Gansevoort [Greenwich/Wash] 212.367.8440

One More Laptop Bag Company
WaterField Bags, made in San Fran. Great looking, functional, and amazing customer service.

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