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Fresh Perspectives…
Plus: the skint

.. On The Light
Gorgeous images of New York by French photographer Jean-Michel Berts.

On The Subway
Tour the Atlantic Avenue tunnel on November 15th with Bob Diamond, who rediscovered its existence in 1980. Sloppy of us to lose a tunnel, huh?

On What Might Have Been
Museum of the Phantom City is a splendid public art project by Cheng+Snyder, making ingenious use of the iPhone. Walk the city and see images of projects imagined but never realized, along with notes on what the designers intended. Free, download here. Learn more here.

On The Natural History Museum
You'll get a new perspective – though you certainly won't feel fresh – taking part in one the sleepovers for kids at the Museum of Natural History – a 'nocturnal adventure experience.'

On The Hudson
Cap a fall day with a stroll across the one-time Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge, now the pedestrian-only, 212-feet-high Walkway Over the Hudson.

skint - adj. british slang (1930-35)
lacking funds, broke, bust, stone-broke, impecunious

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

take your pick of free and cheap halloween events from the skint's massive list of haunted houses, parties, movies and more [fri-sat]

new exhibit 'who shot rock + roll: a photographic history, 1995-present' opens @ brooklyn museum, $10 sugg [thru 1/31/10]

cheer on the runners of the ing new york city marathon [sun] [Note: the site is down as we go to publish]

philippe chow's philippe express (6th ave bet 11+12) celebrates its 1st b-day, offers yummy chicken satays for $1 [sun-tues 12-5pm]

get 60%-95% off retail on balenciaga, chanel, dior, gucci, prada, philip lim 3.1, vince, tons more @ jcp's girl's garage sale [sun-thurs]

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