info 07.14.08

Fun with Toxins

So let's see if we've got this straight: the Monsanto company produces a synthetic growth hormone called Posilac, used by some dairy farmers, which juices cows to produce more milk. Lots of people don't want this in their milk, for compelling reasons. Dairy farmers that do not use the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) almost invariably state that on their milk carton labels. You, the consumer, get useful info. But since the FDA would not allow Monsanto to ban rBGH labelling nationally, the dirtbags have been going state-by-state to pass legislation that would ban the labelling. They're now trying to do it in New York; they need to be stopped.

Reading NY Times editorials on July 4th may not be a high priority, but they ran one called And Bring the Sunscreen you might want to check out before you head to the beach again. Who's watching your back? Not the FDA, which is supposed to set standards for these kind of things. The Environmental Working Group has determined that the vast majority of sunscreen products do not adequately protect against radiation or contain ingredients that could pose health risks. Sheesh. You can find out how your sunscreen stacks up here and tell the FDA to do its job here.

Fun with Guns here.
From those imaginative people at Jellio, a Slatebag—a messenger bag with the retro looks of an Etch A Sketch and a 'magic slate' that you can write on, then peel back to erase. $75.

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