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Furnish Green

Head up to the fifth floor of an unremarkable midtown office building and you'll find Furnish Green, 1261 Bway [31st/32nd] 917.583.9051, a small cache of furniture at bargain prices.

The pieces tend to run to mid-century modern (loosely) and shabby chic, mostly wood. A two-tier 'eggplant' end table is $83. A shabby chic three-drawer nightstand is $112. A large dresser/bachelor's chest is $371. An antique end table/small desk with a flip top is $132. And a great-looking antique maitre d' stand is $352 which you can use to be snooty to your very own friends and loved ones ("Could it be under another name?/Let me know when your full party has arrived/I'm sorry, we don't allow shorts." etc.)

A menu with a cast of thousands (sliders, oxtail stew, Waldorf salad, matzoh ball soup, 'blisters on my sisters', chimichangas, et al) – it can only be Shopsin's in the Essex Street Market, open Tuesdays through Saturdays, 9-3. Most everything is under $21 and you get the NY institution that is family Shopsin.

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