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Furniture Repair

Joseph Biunno Ltd., 129 W. 29th [6th/7th] 212.629.5630

Giuseppe Biunno started this furniture repair and restoration company in 1908 after coming to the U.S. from Naples. It has evolved into a highly-skilled and multifaceted shop under the third-generation auspices of Joseph Biunno.

They have artisans for all of the following: carving, cabinetmaking, turning, gilding, polishing, painting, metal work, and custom drapery hardware. Mr. Biunno is also a specialist in furniture locks and keys and has a collection of furniture key blanks. "At least once a year," he says, "I get called to open a chest when no one can find the key and the piece is too valuable to jimmy the drawer."

Wainlands, 453 W. 17th [9th/10th] 212.243.7717,

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