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In addition to the city's great gardens, the New York Botanical Garden and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, some other earthly delights…

In the back of Manhattan's oldest house, the Morris-Jumel Mansion, 65 Jumel Terrace [Sylvan Terrace], the small herb and rose garden provides another excuse to head up to this special place.

St. Luke's Garden, Hudson [Barrow/Christopher] is a green oasis in a part of the city shortchanged on that color. Hidden from the street, a pretty, quiet, peaceful garden where people like to read, sun, and relax.

The Medieval Garden at the Cloisters, with its medieval flowers and medicinal herbs, always rewards a visit. The garden has its own blog, too.

One of Central Park's lesser known jewels: the Conservatory Garden.

Fort Tryon Park has a lovely Heather Garden, which features the heathers but also more than two hundred other varieties of plants. (Pictured at top)

Wave Hill, W. 249th [Independence] in the Bronx, is in full bloom in their many gardens: flower, aquatic, herb, and others. But whatever month you visit, we think it's the most beautiful spot in the five boroughs.

Clinton Community Garden, West 48th [9th/10th] is truly the little garden that could: it was started in the 1970s when residents noticed wild tomato plants growing among what was essentially a garbage dump. Eventually, it became the first community garden in NY to get permanent park status.

Finally, if you head over to Staten Island's Snug Harbor, you'll love their botanical gardens, which include a Chinese Scholar's Garden.

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NYC Garden blog

Green Guerillas and Green Thumb, two groups that provide the link between New Yorkers and grass roots.

And Gardyn, a very sweet music video from the young Australian digital remix artist Pogo: a tribute to his mom, an avid gardener.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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