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Gawker: Senior Edition

MUG has learned that our friends over at Gawker will be launching a new sister site this Monday called Gawker SE (Senior Edition). Publisher Nick Denton told us, "As the demographics of the web change, we're starting to see more people online beyond the traditional sweet spot for advertisers of 18-39. People in their 40s and even older are starting to read blogs and, in a few cases, create them. We believe Gawker SE is perfectly positioned to appeal to that growing audience."

Who's writing it? Mr. Denton is keeping that name under wraps. But he did give us an exclusive preview — and it looks like a winner.

Gossip Roundup
· Those happy harmonizers, the Fifth Dimension, are setting out on an 18-month reunion tour. We'll be there to see if the chicks can still hit the high notes in "Up, Up and Away." Oh, wait, no, we won't. [EW]
· Popular talent Billy Mumy will guest star on Scrubs next season. Danger, Will Robinson! Heh. [NBC]
· Best-selling author and good ol' party gal Erma Bombeck may have left us but Random House has discovered a final manuscript among her effects. It's a follow up to If Life is a Bowl of Cherries What Am I Doing in the Pits? called Buying the Farm's Not All It's Cracked Up to Be, So Get Out of My Way, Mama's Back on the Dance Floor! [RandomHouse]

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Don't you find it gets hard to remember whether someone is dead or alive? (Kim Stanley? Dead, poor dear.) That's why Dead or Alive is quite a godsend. (Thanks, Army Archerd, for that great tip!)

Those gruesome celebrity death watches, which I can not abide, are here, here, and here. Shameful. And yet addictive.

Fleur Shows Flair
Let young Choire fuss over those Conde Nast magazines, not that I can remember any of their titles (can't remember a lot of things these days! Too much Pabst and weed in my past….) but check out Flair magazine from Fleur Cowles. Not sure it's still being published (hey, millionaire playboy Denton doesn't pay us enough to do actual research) but no household should be without a copy.

It's All in Her Head
And speaking of in the past, Dorothy Rodgers (of Dick and Dorothy fame, natch) put out an interior design book out called The House in My Head, long before that Martha gal got herself into such a spot of bother. Friends of Dorothy, and I'm one, told her it was a ghastly, medically troubling title, but the book is simply marvelous, so do seek it out from your neighborhood bookseller.

Gawker S(E)talker: Mindy Cohn Exclusive
Sightings are provided by readers; send yours to
In this week's still-standing edition of Gawker S(E)talker: Mindy Cohn, Charlotte Rae (but not together!!!), George Lazenby, Rita Coolidge, Ben Gazzara (I think he was in Pippin, but obviously I think everyone was in Pippin), Dick Van Patten, Florence Henderson, Marilyn Manson, Millie Helper, Rula Lenska, Ralph Nader, Kay Gardella, Ann Miller (oh wait…not! Ciao, Annie), Susan Saint James, Rip Taylor, Melissa Manchester (with a new album — what an amazing dame!), Sylvia Miles, Ashleigh Banfield, Charlie Callas, Lee Trevino, and Nipsey Russell.

Nipsey Hearts Us! We Heart Nipsey!
And this gem just emailed from our friend Nipsey:
Thank the Lord that I'm still here
I don't need a cane or walker
But nothing brings me as much cheer
As being in Gawker Stalker!
Oh, we love us some Nipsey!
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