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Getting Organized

Our yearly back-to-school/back-to-work rundown of ways to stay on top of your game.

30 Boxes is an online calendar system that ties in nicely with Google calendar, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

Along the same lines is AirSet, which offers a great deal of flexibility and emphasizes integrating work and personal stuff. Both 30 Boxes and AirSet are free.

Another Web 2.0 set of applications is from 37signals. They've got Backpack, a nifty organizer, and Basecamp, which makes it easier to collaborate on projects. Backpack is free, Basecamp runs from $12-$149 a month.

We love Jott. The basic idea is this: you set up a free account with them. They give you a phone number. Then, when you're away from your desk and you think of something you want to remember, call the number from your cell (or a landline) and leave a message for yourself. Jott then sends you an email of your message. (And it integrates now with things like 30 Boxes, Twitter, and blogging software.) It may not sound like much, but we find it incredibly helpful.

Inbox creep. You know what we mean—the slow drip, drip of more emails to answer than you can handle. To the rescue, Mark Hurst, who has written a book for information overload called Bit Literacy. You might not think taming your inbox could lift a weight off your shoulders—but you'll be surprised at the difference it can make. Hurst also has a web-based to do list that can help, too. Check it out at Gootodo.

Merlin Mann, the author of the popular productivity website 43 Folders is also involved in the creation of the OmniFocus productivity tool, still in development. Mr. Mann will be in town at Tekserve on September 27, 8:30pm, offering a sneak peek of OmniFocus. It's free, but you need to register.

And one last one for Mac users. Check out the tease for the new app just about ready for beta-testing from Cultured Code called Things. If it works half as well as it looks, they could be on to something.

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