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Getting Organized

Online Collaboration
While the design isn't on par with Google calendar, Backpack is a website service that provides a calendar, file sharing, and other collaborative tools. Ideal for small businesses or planning events. The basic package is $24/month and we find it indispensable at MUG HQ.

Inbox creep. You know what we mean—the slow drip, drip of more emails to answer than you can handle. To the rescue, Mark Hurst, who has written a book for information overload called Bit Literacy. You might not think taming your inbox could lift a weight off your shoulders—but you'll be surprised at the difference it can make.

The world seems like a slightly more manageable place when you browse the aisles of a Container Store, which is a Type A's dream store, and offers potential combobulation for the discombobulated. There's a summer sale on now: things like Stockholm paper drawers, normally $24.99, are now $19.99

Put to good use, low-tech works just fine: Hard to improve on Filofax and their six-ring notebooks with calendar inserts or the Moleskine range of note-taking softcovers.

Professional Organizers
Whether you just need a little help or are in total meltdown, you can always call in the big guns, professional organizers who will get you to a clean desktop and a clear head. Try: Cross It Off Your List, The Organized Leo, The Organizing Wiz, or Clutter Therapy.

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