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getTRIO Roundup

Have you been reading getTRIO? MUG is part of the gT team, and we think if you like MUG, you're going to like this new getTRIO thing, too. It's a daily email of three articlettes on pop culture, samples of which we've thoughtfully provided below. Read it, sign up, have fun.

Here's a way to remote control a building half-way around the world. There's an art installation called "Colour By Numbers" set up in a Stockholm tower and you'll need a phone and your computer at this website to play…More

Amy Winehouse is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who has found her voice. True, you'll hear shades of Sarah Vaughan, Shirley Bassey (in a fierce mood), even some Motown thumping through…More

Those born with a severe form of SOC (shoe obsession/compulsion) spend their lives forever focused on scoring the next pair. getTRIO is all about those consuming passions, so we bring you a place that really understands you. It's in Toronto—39,000 square feet over five floors of shoes, shoes, shoes…More

We're in medieval times and there seems to be some confusion as to how exactly you're supposed to work with this new-fangled book system. Tech support is called in to help…More

Appreciation of the grift makes us an easy mark for a new television series called "'The Riches," especially since it's starring that coolest of cats—cross-dressing, stand-up-comedian-turned actor Eddie Izzard—along with Minnie Driver, who plays Izzard's wife. The show premieres March 12 on FX…More

Fresh, sophisticated, and relaxed is a tough combo to pull off as a clothing designer. But that's exactly what has made the Geren Ford line a hit since its launch in 2002. Its designer, Geren Lockhart, studied at Parsons and Otis before a 12-year youthful indiscretion in advertising. Clearly, she belongs in fashion…More

Mad Magazine was Jon Stewart before Jon Stewart was born. It was snarky and meta before anyone knew what snarky and meta was. And it became a hit during the Eisenhower era, a time not particularly associated with subversive comedy…More

We're bombarded with images these days, coming at us nearly every waking minute. It takes a lot to find still images that are so compelling that they could stop us in our tracks. These did…More

Armchair travelers don't have to surrender their lip gel, they remove their shoes for the ottoman, not for inspection, and while they may sit for hours, it's not on the runway…More

We were fascinated by elephants even before we learned that they love to paint—now we think they're the coolest animals ever. Here's the story…More

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