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Gift Baskets

Hint to our house guest from San Francisco: thank you gift baskets work well for us.

Surroundings, 224 W. 79th [Amst/Bway] 212.580.8982. While their prices are high indeed, their four standard baskets: baby, Champagne, fruit, and fruit/gourmet are so beautifully assembled that a return invitation to the giver is guaranteed.

Manhattan Fruitier, 105 E. 29th [Park/Lex] 212.686.0404. Ice cream and brownies? Check. Chocolate? Of course. Artisanal cheese hamper? That, too. Plus fruit baskets, caviar chests, and many other luxe groupings that will please just about any crowd.

For fabulous fruit, count on Brooklyn. Specifically, The Orchard, 1367 Coney Island Ave. [J/K] 718.377.1799. Not entirely sure how they do it, but they do — the best fruit baskets in town.

The Gifted Ones and Gotham Baskets, 150 W. 10th [Greenwich/Waverly] 212.627.4050. The two companies joined forces a while back and together they have the widest range of baskets: 'Bored' Games, Packed Our Sweetcases (pictured), and Movie Munchies are just three of many.

Chelsea Market Baskets, 75 9th [15th] 212.727.1484, has an interesting section of gourmet food and gift baskets, from Retro Candy ('50s, '60s, and '70s) to one of organic products.
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