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Global Pet Finder

Some dogs are meant to roam, some are meant to lie supine on the sofa, catch a few rays, and dream of squirrels. For the roamers there's Global Pet Finder.

By entering an address and size into this GPS device, you set up a virtual fence in which the dog is free to wander. Fences can be of any size and you can easily change the location. Your dog wears a collar with a transmitter. If your dog leaves the area, you get an alert every minute on your cell phone, pda, or computer tracking your dog's location. It costs $349.99, a one-time $34.99 activation fee, plus a monthly service plan ($18-$20 per month).

Having spent one bitter cold morning last weekend trying to help find a friend's dog in Central Park, it would have been helpful to have the Global PetFinder — we would have known that the dog had actually left the park and gone home (where the lobby was warm and the doorman had treats).

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