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We're thinking global — and spherical — today.

Seriously beautiful (and seriously expensive) antique globes are available from Martayan Lan, 70 E. 55th [Mad/Park] 212.308.0018, and Richard B. Arkway, 59 E. 54th [Mad/Park] 212.751.8135

Still good looking, but a lot more affordable, are globes by Replogle. Beautifully designed website, too.

The Unisphere (pictured), designed by Gilmore Clarke for the '64 World's Fair, was sited where the '39 World's Fair Trylon and Perisphere stood. Both the concept for the general layout of the 1939 fair and the plan for Flushing Meadows were by Mr. Clarke. At you can read all about the 12-story Unisphere that skeptics didn't think could be built. Also at the site, fun holiday (and non-holiday) merch with the Unisphere on it as well as other elements of the fair.

Have you circumnavigated the globe in your travels? If so, you qualify to join the Circumnavigator's Club, which has its HQ on East 39th Street.

Mini-globes (some illuminated) from Hagstrom, 51 W. 43rd [5th/6th] 212.398.1222, are $12.95-$19.95.

A Globe Theater, designed by Norman Foster, is among the new uses under consideration for Governors Island…Mark Rylance stars as Duke Vincentio in the Globe Theatre of London production of Measure for Measure at St. Ann's Warehouse December 20-Jan. 1.

The design website MoCo Loco has a nifty find: the Bel' Occhio globe, by Pablo Pardo, that has a multiposition spotlight as well as ambient light. $250.

Fritz Koenig's sculpture Sphere for Plaza Fountain, damaged in the World Trade Center attacks, is currently in Battery Park. It will likely be incorporated into the WTC site's new design, though the exact location is still an unsettled question.
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Meryl Waitz, 254 Canal [Bway/Lafayette] 212.334.0423, is having a holiday showroom sale 12/1-12/3, 10-7. Cash only for her jewelry and home accessories priced at wholesale and below.

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