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Go Bag

Pre-traumatic stress syndrome, as some have called it, is something some New Yorkers are experiencing right now, as the threat of terrorism looms: They're Coming, but go about business as usual. There isn't much we can do about it (itself a part of the syndrome) but the city does recommend assembling a Go Bag, using a backpack or suitcase with wheels. False comfort? Maybe. Worth doing? Can't hurt.

Copies of your important documents in a waterproof and portable container (insurance cards, birth certificates, deeds, photo IDs, etc.)

Extra set of car and house keys

Credit and ATM cards and cash, especially in small denominations. We recommend you keep at least $50-$100 on hand.

Food and Water
Bottled water and non-perishable food such as energy or granola bars

Flashlight and Radio
Flashlight, battery-operated AM/FM radio and extra batteries. You can also buy wind-up radios that do not require batteries at retail stores.

Medication for at least one week and other essential personal items. Be sure to change medications before they expire. Keep a list of the medications each member of your household takes and their dosages, or copies of all your prescription slips.

First-Aid Kit
Two pairs of Latex, or other sterile gloves (if you are allergic to Latex), sterile dressings to stop bleeding, cleansing agent/soap and antibiotic towelettes to disinfect, antibiotic ointment to prevent infection, burn ointment to prevent infection, adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes, eye wash solution to flush the eyes or as general decontaminant, thermometer.

Sturdy, comfortable shoes, lightweight raingear and a mylar blanket

A Plan
Contact and meeting place information for your household, and a small regional map

Special Items
Child care supplies or other special care items

The Today show was back at it (see MUG's On the Radar from Friday), wasting more time over-covering the missing Salt Lake City woman. It goes without saying that this is a terrible and heartbreaking event for the family and friends involved. It also goes without saying that there is absolutely no wider significance to the story. With the DNC about to begin, the 9/11 Commission report and recommendations, the Abu Ghraib whitewash, the situation in Iraq, the threat of a terrorist attack, the genocide in Sudan, stop fucking talking about that "news out of Salt Lake City."

What stories get covered is a subject taken up by a new documentary called "Orwell Rolls in His Grave," a critical look at the media, now playing at the Angelika. More here.

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