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Going Red

Going into the reds, without going into the red.

Alessandro di Camporeale Donnatá
This one's from Sicily, featuring the popular (in southern Italy) Nero d'Avola grape. Think spicy plum, a little bit like Shiraz. $16.99
Appellation, 156 10th [19th/20th] 212.741.9474

And speaking of Shiraz, The Gatekeeper Shiraz from Australian winemaker John Davey is full of pepper, but also so full of dark fruits that it goes down smoothly. $15
Greene Grape, 765 Fulton [Oxford/S. Portland] Bklyn 718.797.9463, 55 Liberty [Nassau] 212.406.9463

The Domaine Vigouroux Gouleyant is one of the best Cahors going, made from the Malbec grape with a little Merlot. Gouleyant means fresh and light. $11
Best Cellars, 1291 Lex [87th] 212.426.4200 and 2246 Bway [80th/81st] 212.362.8730

From Spain, a Grenache, Carignane, and Syrah blend, Perlat Unio has an easy, juicy, blueberry thing going. $16, 23 Jones [Bleecker/W. 4th] 212.242.5144

One for the home team: Pindar Pythagoras is a Bordeaux blend by way of Long Island, consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. $11.99
Vintage NY, 482 Broome [Wooster] 212.226.9463 and 2492 Bway [93rd] 212.721.9999

Yes, you are right to be suspicious of a $13 Pinot Noir, but Domaine Philippe Gilbert does a creditable job with their Menetou Salon.
Smith and Vine, 268 Smith [Douglass/Degraw] 718.243.2864

All Sangiovese, but made to be drunk young, La Gerla Birba from Tuscany drinks like a bottle at least twice its price, so it is no scoundrel (as the word 'birba' means). $11.99
Mt. Carmel Wines, 612 E. 187th [Hughes/Arthur] Bx 718.367.7833

We think the image called The Road From New Jersey makes a sweetly retro desktop wallpaper, with its sepia tones and Checker cab in the foreground.

the plaza qualifies for a willard scott shoutout


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