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There's still time to catch The Gold Standard (it runs through Jan 15th ) at P.S. 1. All the works are gold-colored and "deal with the iconographic complexity of gold." A number of works were commissioned for the exhibition. [Image: Bullion (2003) by Thomas Demand]

At Bloomies and Saks, 24-karat gold is swimming in La Prairie's new Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold skin serum. $525 for 1 fl. oz., thank you very much.

The Fed
We like the tour of the Federal Reserve, 33 Liberty [Nassau/William] 212.720.6130, where billions of dollars of gold sits on Manhattan's bedrock, 50 feet below sea level.

One of the most iconic gold domes in these parts is NY Life's golden pinnacle, as the company likes to call it. The building, designed by Cass Gilbert, didn't have its gold top originally. That was added in 1967.

There's no shortage of artisans doing appealing gold jewelry; today we'll pick one to stand in for the whole: Jill Platner, 113 Crosby [Houston/Prince] 212.324.1298, who creates fabulous organic forms by hand in her NYC studio.

The Museum of Natural History has a major (and highly engaging) exhibition called Gold through August. This month, on Sundays, they're doing some interesting programming related to gold, including events focused on pre-Columbian cultures that cherished gold and the Yukon gold rush. Details are here.

If we had a gold candelabra, and it needed replating, we'd use Dan Kane Plating, 115 W. 27th [6th/7th] 212.675.4947. They work with non-candelabras, too.

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