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Goldstar Events (Sponsored Email)

Think about it. People may live in Manhattan for all kinds of reasons, but one reason applies to everyone: great values on real estate.

We're joking, of course. That would be like saying people move to L.A. for fresh air or to Boston for the country music scene.

Back in reality, the real draw of life here is what happens when you leave the apartment and hit the streets: a virtually unlimited number of great things to do. From the social scene to music to big, glamorous theatres to comedy clubs and about 100 things you can't put in any category, Manhattan has it all.

Unfortunately, "it all" can sometimes feel like the Sunday Times: It's nice that there's so much there, but where do you start?

That's why when it comes to live entertainment in New York, Goldstar Events is essential gear. Once you're at the site, sign up (it's free and just takes a minute). Once you're in, you've got access to dozens of great live entertainment events you can buy online at half-price.

So if you're contemplating your upcoming night out (and you're a Manhattanite, so of course you're going out), just go to Goldstar Events, find the kind of night you've got in mind and then go through and buy the tickets at half-price. You'll also get a weekly email tailored to your preferences so you can keep up with all the great entertainment that's all around you and at a price that makes it something you can do all the time.

Just launched, Goldstar Events already has dozens of events available including The Scene at Second Stage Theatre, great stand-up at Comix and Stand-Up NY, games at the Garden, the New York City Opera, Cuban Salsa Lessons, experimental works from P.S. 122, great jazz at Birdland, and even some Broadway. Goldstar Events is like a Swiss Army Knife of live entertainment. If you've got Goldstar Events, you'll always have the thing you need for a great night out.

Think of a free membership to Goldstar Events as essential equipment for life in the big city. Sure, suburbanites get 3 bedrooms, 2-and-a-half baths and a sunroom for the same price you pay for a studio the size of a beach towel, but are they minutes away from dozens and dozens of great things to do at half-price like you are as a Goldstar Events member?

We think not.

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