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Gone Fishing

The Basics
License Information
Regional Fishing Events
Tide Charts
Safe to Eat?

Fishing Buddies
Juliana's Anglers
Local women's fly fishing club
Theodore Gordon Flyfishers
A non-profit promoting conservation, cleanups, and outings
Salty Flyrodders
Fly tying sessions, fly casting clinics, guided trips, and swapping fish tales
Long Island Bassmasters
Bass fishing, fishing with kids, and conservation
Striper Surf Club
One of the oldest surf fishing clubs in the state

Gear Specialists
Urban Angler, 381 5th [35th/36th] 212.689.6400
Orvis, 522 5th [44th] 212.827.0698 and 489 5th [42nd] 212.867.0212
Capitol Fishing Tackle, 132 W. 36th [7th/Bway] 212.929.6132

Fishing Spots
Take Me Fishing
Central Park
East River
Bay Park

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Robert Irwin at the Whitney

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