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Good Works

Here are four organizations that have programs designed to make the world a better place for kids and teens.

City at Peace works with teens in a year-long program, using the performing arts as a method to explore issues the participants may confront on a daily basis, including racism, sexual discrimination, abuse, homophobia, violence, drugs, and emotional distress. After an extended period of training and workshops, the teens perform a theatrical piece that has grown out of this process. You can help by donating money, offering professional advice, and through corporate sponsorship. You can also buy a CD from some of these shows here.

Living Proof is a new organization founded to help prevent suicide especially among teens, and promote mental health awareness. A documentary with the working title of "Evidence" is planned to tell the story of founder Douglas Faneuil's sister, who took her own life in 1999. Mr. Faneuil says the purpose of the film is "to convince young adults: don't become a record, a pile of photographs, a memoryîbe living proof of who you are." You can help by making a donation here.

Safe Horizon doesn't work exclusively with children, but as NYC's largest provide of domestic violence residences, plenty of children have needed to make use of their services. Child abuse, homeless youth, and human trafficking are some of the terrible situations that the organization addresses and for which they provide help. You can donate here, volunteer, or join them on November 14th for a special benefit performance of "Chicago" that will include the original cast and many others who have starred in that show.

Wine.Dine.Donate. Here's a great thing: the good folks at Epicurious have just launched a program that will benefit America's Second Harvest in their quest to end childhood hunger. Wine.Dine.Donate gives you a menu from a renowned chef (it kicks off with San Francisco's Michael Mina) to start a monthly cooking club or you can attend one of their sponsored dinners, all to raise money and awareness about the shockingly widespread problem of children who, every day in this country, go hungry. More info.

Shoe Repair
"A must-check-out for you when it comes to shoe repairs is James Custom Shoe Repair, 1415 Lex [92nd/93rd] 212.722.0041, all work done by the owner Nick, by hand. He's been on the UES for almost 40 years and does things with passion. He's so into his work that he gives out tickets for pick-ups and usually never needs the ticket — he remembers who brought in what shoes. Amazing craftsman. I know that he does a lot of work for Testoni shoes, which says something about his work."

Proton Radio Repair
"I have a wonderful old Proton radio and when it started to make terrible buzzing sounds, I started looking for a place to fix it. I looked and looked and even though the company was bought and they make new Protons now, (with new insides), I was bound and determined to keep my radio and to find a place that could fix it. I finally did and would like to tell you that Crown Machine Service, at 2792 Bway [107th/108th] 212.663.8968, fixed it. The fix everything, I saw old typewriters there, sewing machines, etc. I subsequently bought a Miele vacuum cleaner from them and they delivered it for free and showed me how to use it."

Imagine Bar and Grill
"In case you guys do one last outdoor dining readers' recommendation section (maybe as a last chance item in Aug/Sept before the weather turns?), there's great food and a great patio at Imagine Bar & Grill, 112 1st Ave. [6th/7th] 212.228.2282, the former location of Miracle Bar & Grill. We tried it recently, and everyone at the table loved what they ordered. And the new owners have taken the old patio and made it even nicer."

"Thanks for the phone numbers on where to call when your wallet is lost or stolen. My problem is, my purse was stolen in April and since then I have been scouring the city for a place to find a cool, non-grandmother-like replacement wallet. I am convinced it is impossible to find a cool (women's) wallet in this town."
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