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Gorilla Perfume

We've always had a thing for the Lush brand. When they were U.K.-only, we'd load up a section of the suitcase with soap and shampoo and bath bombs. They're stateside now, but familiarity can breed complacency, so we sometimes go long periods without darkening their doorway.

Now we have a fresh reason for a visit. Lush co-founder Mark Constantine and his son, Simon, have created a new line of scents called Gorilla Perfume, available as sprays and in solid form (perfect for travel around or out of the city).

Our favorite is Orange Blossom, which summons up a balmy Palm Springs night better than any we've ever found. Breath of God is an oddly alluring mix of neroli, melon, jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. Jasmine fans will love Lust.

One note: the Constantines weren't interested in creating fragrance wallflowers. These are bright, vivid scents—we find them unforgettable.

The Gorilla line is at Lush stores (there are four NY stores) and on the website. The 4oz. solids are $8.95-$15.95. One fluid ounce is $29.95-$64.95.

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