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Gourmet, Delivered

For the home chef, L'Epicerie offers everything from molecular gastronomy powders and potions, colorful fruit purees (pictured), and piquant Espelette powder, used in place of pepper, from the Basque region. The site isn't particularly easy to navigate, but worth the effort.

Fortnum & Mason has been in business for 300 years, but they've embraced the digital age with a website designed for us yankees, selling teas of course, and things like rose and violet creams, and jams. The tayberry is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry, and a jar of the preserve, $14 for 12 oz., an affordable indulgence from currantly (har) unaffordable London.

Sant'Eustachio Coffee, San Matteo's Apple and Rosemary Preserve, and superb olive oils are among the treasures created with that fine Italian hand and imported by the nice people of Bronx-based Gustiamo.

Another Bronx purveyor, Chef's Warehouse, carries a wide range of enticing goods, but the minimum size for each item is large: cheese by the wheel, a pound-and-a-half of Hudson Valley foie gras, a case of artisanal pasta maker Bel Aria's cavatelli.

Reader mail on Horses:

These photos are on display at 13 Crosby St. At first I thought they might be a little pompous or self-congratulatory, but there is great power in their beauty. Or vice versa.

• How could you forget Kicking A Dead Horse at the Public Theater?!?!

• Here's one for you to highlight: An amazing art project by a local NYC artist/theatrical engineer, A Cavallo is a rideable six-horse ship/carousel with a concert stage on the back, custom made from waterjet-cut steel & shooting fire from its six masts. It was made last year for the Burning Man festival, and the crew is working around the clock to make the necessary repairs & modifications to bring it back (as well as send it out to other festivals around the world). They are currently $10k short of their goal, and could probably use a kind word from the press to reach out to anyone willing to donate to this amazing project. We went out to the Burn last year, and were simply blown away by this project. Check out the photos—you will see what we mean. It's stunning.

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