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Grace McLean

James Fallows on Anthony Lewis

Love, heartbreak, laughs. With Grace McLean, the order sometimes changes but the ingredients don't. This pop and jazz singer writes seriously infectious melodies with seriously antic lyrics. Her voice can raise the roof, or she can slide off a note and break your heart.

It will be interesting to see how the career of this latter-day love child of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross develops because it could go off in different directions. Brimming with idiosyncratic talent, she could land in any number of recording categories. She could do Broadway. She could play clubs. Whatever path she takes, she's one to watch.

And so, watch: in this video, she performs her song Natural Disaster with some electronic help. It makes us grin every time we see it.

You can listen to her album Make Me Breakfast, recorded as Grace McLean and Them Apples (Them Apples is her band) and you can catch them at Rockwood Music Hall, Monday, April 1, 8pm.

Midtown (from 2011)

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