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Great Performances

The season's most widely-heralded musical performance belongs to Christine Ebersole, starring as Little Edie Beale in Grey Gardens. We'll add our hat-tip to Ebersole, though this is a show we wished we like more than we do (Act One should have been a 10-minute curtain-warmer or else interspersed through the main event of Act Two). Still, there's Ebersole.

While we're on the subject of the Beales, fashion designer Phillip Lim used the Grey Gardens documentary as a touchstone for his fall collection on Sunday night, a big hit with the show's crowd. More from Fashion Wire Daily.

A neat trick for someone who's been dead for more than 25 years, rejiggering your image after what you did to the city. Utterly predictable: the putative think piece by Nicolai Ouroussoff touting Moses' accomplishments, which sounded uncomfortably like the argument that Hitler was a bad guy but, gee, he built great highways. Ouroussoff is, you'll remember, the Times writer who had the courage to take on Jane Jacobs — after she died.

Babel tends to provoke loved it or hated it responses. Either way, it's hard to remain unaffected by the performance of Ms. Barraza, playing a nanny who makes some very bad choices. As an actress, Ms. Barraza seems incapable of any such thing.

Whatever you think of his positions on the issues, his performance on "Meet the Press" this past Sunday was one of the best we've ever seen on that show. The rap on Edwards, of course, was that he was too smooth and perhaps a little shallow, but that's not how he struck us this time around. Articulate, thoughtful, serious, and willing to answer questions without acrobatic bet-hedging. Count how many times he answered a question with a 'yes,' a 'no,' or even 'I don't know.' Watch it here.

Truly a shame that The Little Dog Laughed has its closing notice up for February 18th. That means lots of people are going to miss Ms. White's riotously funny performance.


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