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Greek Dossier

All this bitter cold has us longing for the Aegean sun. Here are a few ways to summon up a taste of Greece.

Short Film
The short film What is That by Greek director Constantin Pilavios is one of the sweetest things we've seen in a very long time. His Small Pleasures is lovely, too. [via: Global Greek World]

The Yoghurt Place II, 71 Sullivan [Spring/Broome] 212.219.3500, serves Greek yogurt that is thick and creamy and addictive.

The Jaharis Gallery at the Met, the centerpiece of the Greek galleries, is one of our favorite NYC spaces. Its soaring ceiling is topped by natural light, and at eye-level, exquisitely staged Greek works and Roman copies.

The Pioneers of Archaeological Discovery: Tales, Treasures, and Exploration follows the trailblazers who sought the walls of Homeric Troy, the mythological labyrinth of King Minos, and much else. NYU, Tuesday, 6:45pm-8:25pm, eight sessions starting March 23rd, $380.

Greek Island Spring Vacation: Roundtrip airfare to Athens (two nights), Santorini (three nights), Mykonos (three nights), hotel, breakfast, internal flight, and ferry is $1299.

The Classics
The NY Classical Club holds occasional lectures, events, and shows. Anyone with an interest in classical antiquity and $10 can join.

Molyvos, 871 7th [55th/56th] 212.582.7500
Snack, 105 Thompson [Prince/Spring] 212.925.1040
• Any Michael Psilakis resto
Agnanti, 19-06 Ditmars [19th] Qns 718.545.4554, and 7802 5th [78th] Bklyn 718.833.7033

Food and Wine
Between Ninth Avenue International, 543 9th [40th/41st] 212.279.1000, and Poseidon Bakery, 629 9th [44th/45th] 212.757.6173, you should be able to satisfy most Greek food cravings… Learn about surprisingly appealing, pine-resin-free wines of Greece at the Astor Center in a class called It's All Greek to Me: A Greek Wine Pairing. It takes place on February 10th, 6:30-8:30pm, $75, only two seats left. And get a quick primer on new-style Greek wines, courtesy of Salon.

The adventure book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, in which Greek mythology plays a big part (as does the "600th floor" of the Empire State Building), is getting a big-screen version opening February 12th. Meet several cast members, including Logan Lerman (who plays Percy), at Borders Kips Bay, Wednesday, 2/3, 5pm. You'll need to get a wristband at the store at 10am, with a purchase of one of the books.

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