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Bringing Electric Vehicles to NYC
The Road to Widespread Adoption of Electric Vehicles is a discussion of the use of these cars in NYC, considering such things as recharging stations and electric grid capacity. It takes place Thursday, February 11th, 6-8pm, at the NY Academy of Sciences.

How Low Can The Times Go?
Just when you think about the Times that maybe there's a dance in the old dame yet, they go and do something simply inexplicable, even despicable. On New Year's Day, the Times gave a platform to climate change denier Denis Dutton, who conflates Nostradamus, 'evil aliens', and global warming in his editorial. Any more of that crap and the Times, after its eventual demise, won't even be missed as fish wrap.

Sea Level
Studio Lindfors imagines two coastal cities â€" New York and Tokyo â€" adapting to rising sea levels caused by global warming. [via Design Boom]

Greenhouse Gases
Props to Deutsche Bank, for installing (last summer) a Carbon Counter at 7th and 33rd to heighten awareness of the issue. Yes, the sign itself is carbon neutral.

On January 21st, 6:30pm, a presentation by the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative on the planning between Greenpoint and Sunset Park. Details.

It won't be out until April, but we're looking forward to Eaarth, the new book by Bill McKibben. He argues that we waited too long to forestall global warming and that we must adapt to this fundamentally new planet (hence the spelling of earth in the title). Not cheering, yet as always with Mr. McKibben, essential.

As we have written about previously, the Drilling in the Marcellus Shale threatens NYC drinking water. Pennsylvania is moving ahead with it; the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is still preparing its environmental impact review. Following these developments closely is the watchdog group Environmental Advocates of New York, which also has a Facebook page.

We asked for you to help fund two Donors Choose challenges, you came through with five!

Unbeknownst to us, Donors Choose now loads up new projects on a Giving Page once others are funded. On the one hand, we get why they do that, on the other, MUG finds it kind of sleazy.

In any case, we thank you as always for your generosity, as do the teachers involved. Read their thank you letters here (scroll toward the bottom).

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