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Researchers coin the phrase Hothouse Earth in a newly released paper, describing a bleak future if we continue to behave in ways inadequate to the threat. They conclude, "Humanity is now facing the need for critical decisions and actions that could influence our future for centuries, if not millennia." Grist responds: Terrified by 'hothouse Earth'? Don't despair — do something. And from the Times, Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change.

Biologist and photographer Cristina Mittermeier combines her talents in the beautiful new book Amaze, images of people all around the world and their relationship to the planet.

A New York City Guide to Green Roofs, courtesy of Cooper-Union.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden gets some bad press: He Spoke for the Tree. Then He Got Fired.

Build this wall: Manhattan plans to build a massive $1 billion wall and park to guard against the next inevitable superstorm

Climate changes forces us to think big and think small. Tiny Home in NYC

Birds on Broadway

World Trade Center (from 2016)

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