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New York City Council Town Hall Meeting on Fracking
Tuesday, August 24th, 5-8pm, at Borough of Manhattan Community College. This is the time to speak out on the EPA study and the dangers of fracking. RSVP at 212.788.6871 or here by 8/20. More details at Riverkeeper.

Hudson River PCB Dredging
Phase 1 of dredging of the upper Hudson River for PCBs took place last year and an evaluation period is underway. You can read the draft report here (PDF) and learn more at the EPA site devoted to this Superfund project. To get up to speed on the PCB problem, you can watch the EPA short film Returning a River to Health. Phase 2 of the dredging project is scheduled for spring 2011.

OASISnyc Community Garden Maps
The OASIS mapping website now gives you detailed info on the nearly 500 community gardens that dot the city, including when each began, what's grown there, and whether you can volunteer. This is a great resource, too, for anyone who wants to start a new garden since you can track property ownership and nearby resources such as schools.

New Green City Fair 2010
Wednesday, September 29th, 10-6, at Union Square, showcases "government agencies, non-profits, entrepreneurs and community and corporate partners at the forefront of environmental stewardship, education and awareness." More

Garbage Moguls on Nat Geo, August 21st, features TerraCycle founder Tom Szaky and the company's mission to make eco-friendly products out of ordinarily unrecycled and unrecyclable products.

From Nontoxic Vision we learned about the nice work of
contemporary furniture company Uhuru, committed to sustainable design.

Columbia Street Brooklyn (from 2007)

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