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Green Cars

Car Sharing
We've written before about Zipcar, which, when you become a member, allows you to time-share their fleet of cars. They estimate that each Zipcar takes 20 cars off the road.

Car Service
Sustainability has come to the luxury market (new apartment and office buildings routinely tout their eco-friendly features) and OZOcar, which uses only hybrids for their car service, is a welcome addition.

Environmentally-Friendly Auto Club
Better World Club is making a direct challenge to the AAA with eco-travel services, discounts for hybrid car owners, and by donating 1% of annual revenues toward environmental cleanup and advocacy.

5 Important Facts About Hybrids
· A Pollution Solution
· Expect a Higher Price Tag
· Hybrids Come with Tax Breaks from Uncle Sam
· A Growing Number of Makes and Models
· No Ordinary Battery

These are from — check the site for details on each. GreenHybrid is a useful resource when you're thinking about buying. Green Car Congress takes a broad look at the issues of sustainable mobility. Transportation Alternatives advocates less car use and promotes cycling and walking.

12 Greenest Cars 2006
According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, these are the least dirty dozen. Check here for details.
1. Honda Insight
2. Honda Civic Gx
3. Toyota Prius
4. Honda Civic Hybrid
5. Toyota Corolla
6. Hyundai Accent
7. Kia Rio / Rio 5
8. Honda Civic
9. Mazda 3
10. Pontiac Vibe/ Toyota Matrix
11. Chevrolet Cobalt
12. Saturn Ion
Old New York is a new monthly 'On the Radar' column that looks at how the city's past and present intersect.

THE COLLYER BROTHERS: You know the Collyer Brothers story — the reclusive brothers, Homer and Langley, those pack rats who eventually amassed 180 tons of material in their booby-trapped, four-story brownstone at 5th and 128th. In addition to the mountains of newspapers, there were 14 grand pianos, a model T Ford chassis, and medical equipment found among the debris.

COLLYER BROTHERS PARK: Creepily fascinating, we understand why the brothers have been the subject of books and plays (including The Dazzle by Richard Greenberg). But we're sickened by the idea that the Parks Department has named a park after them (a .034 acre vest-pocket park, but still) at the site of their old brownstone. According to the Parks Department, it's an "emblem of Harlem's rich history."

That's nuts. Put a plaque on a wall noting where the brothers lived. But if you're going to commemorate historical figures by naming a park after them, shouldn't it be an honorific for some achievement? How about going through the A-list first? Where exactly is Langston Hughes Park?


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