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Earth Day events are tomorrow at Union Square
and at Grand Central on Wednesday and Thursday.

Essential viewing: The nine-episode climate change documentary
Years of Living Dangerously on Showtime.
You can also watch the first episode here.

From National Geographic, The Future of Food:
How to feed our growing planet
[Photo: Spencer Millsap]

What we can learn from Connecticut:
It doesn't have gas wells, so it's not going to frack—
but they don't want anyone's fracking waste water, either.

Environmental activist Paul Kingsnorth
tenders his resignation, tenderly, resignedly.

More hopeful than Mr. Kingsnorth is the mission of MIT's Climate CoLab,
a forum to crowdsource climate change proposals.

On the days we despair of our fellow human beings,
we find it helpful to think of Jane Goodall.
Her new book, Seeds of Hope:
Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants,
is a gentle jeremiad about the damage
we are doing to our invaluable plants and forests.
[Photo: Stuart Clarke]

The Yankees Go Green

Just opened in Brooklyn, great vintage and antique stuff at Reclaimed Home, 45-947 Carroll [Washington/Franklin] (open Wednesdays through Sundays). Reasonable prices, too.

#climate is an app that tracks environmental issues
you care most about and helps
spread the word on current initiatives.

Sweep Our Dirty Rivers Clean,
a proposal by James Dyson

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