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Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt told a House subcommittee this year that "the EPA was never intended to be our nation's front line environmental regulator." Say hello to Trump's EPA nominee. The Daily Beast says Pruitt is worse than you think.

A bit of good news on the Coast Guard plan to turn the stretch of the Hudson River from Yonkers to Kingston into a parking lot for 43 barges carrying crude oil. Cuomo asks for a full review. Learn more about the plan from the video above.

Johammer Electric Motorcycle, you have our attention.

NYC Maps Urban Trees and Their Value to the Environment

Nat Geo's Years of Living Dangerously finishes up its second season and remains essential viewing.

Toronto's Ryerson Image Centre just closed a major exhibition called The Edge of the Earth: Climate Change in Photography and Video. This is the accompanying book.

NASA says, yeah all those freaky deep blue night clouds are pretty, but the cause may be methane up to no good in the upper atmosphere. Mother Nature Network has more. [Photo: Kristian Pikner]

Now What? The Near Future of New York Climate Policy, a discussion on Wednesday, December 14, 9-10:30am, at the Building Energy Exchange. It's moderated by Andrew Revkin, recently of the Times, now with ProPublica. $15

Stand with Standing Rock, a benefit taking place at ABC Carpet this Thursday, 6:30pm, with Mark Ruffalo, Cody Two Bears, Chase Iron Eyes and Tokata Iron Eyes. Tickets are $100.

Chris Mooney in the WaPo spells it out: This is what it would take for Trump to truly damage the planet's climate.

An email to MUG from an environmental activist about the Environmental Defense Fund: "Please forgive me for being a nitpicker, but I would like you to understand how the environmental movement regards EDF, which is known as the Environmental Destruction Fund. They have long supported the development and use of fracked gas, they almost single-handedly enabled the build out of gas pipelines and the replacement of oil boilers with gas boilers in NYC, while declining to promote cleaner alternatives such as biodiesel. They are one of those greenwashing groups that continues to claim that fracked gas is a bridge fuel, when it has long been proven to be more harmful to the climate than coal. I hope you will reconsider naming them as a positive force for the environment in any future newsletters."

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