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THE MORNING LINE Here it is, Broadway for Orlando's What the World Needs Now is Love. It may make you cry, but it's the perfect antidote to last week.

Fact-checking? Sadly, not a growth industry, while needed more than ever. Climate Feedback provides legit commentary, from scientists around the world, about online climate change coverage. Please expand into chyron territory for cable.

If you're of a certain age, the words Indian Point don't inspire a lot of confidence. Less than 50 miles from NYC and over 50 years old, this reactor has had such a long, screwed-up safety history that it is time to put the old (night)mare out to pasture. While we're at it, it would be nice to see the last of Entergy, the stewards of this mess.

Now, there's a sight! Solar Impulse is a solar plane on an around-the-world tour to promote clean technologies.

5 New York license plates that help the environmentspecialty plates that send a message.

However. If you're riding around in an SUV black cab, specialty plates may be perceived as a tad hypocritical. That's because Uber's 14,000+ fleet, compared to the City's 13,500 yellow cabs, are not only as un-green as you can get, large SUVs are serious pedestrian hazards.

The NYC Solar Map and Portal, built by Sustainable CUNY and launched in 2011, gives rise to the country's first full-state version, launching today. It gives detailed information on the solar potential of land and rooftops, including the economics involved and resources available.

The New York Assembly Just Passed The Nation's Most Ambitious Climate Bill. Albany?!

So we've been on the single-use plastic bag warpath for a while now. Anyone who spends a few minutes researching the effect of plastic bags on the planet—the oceans in particular—can't help but be encouraged by the City Council passing a 5-cent plastic bag fee. But not so fast, says the New York State Senate, which just voted to block plastic bag fees. Now, that's the Albany we all know and do not love.


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