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The Copenhagen Wheel turns your bike into an electric hybrid.
Pre-order for end of 2014 shipping, $799.
[via: Ecogeek]

Albany does the right thing, passing legislation to ban
elephant ivory and rhino horn trafficking.
Meryl Streep joins the chorus to
urge NJ to do the same.

More fracking worries: Pennsylvania's abandoned oil and gas wells may be leaking methane. How much? Not yet known… Thirty miles north from the city at the Indian Point nuclear power plant, there's been a spike of tritium, a radioactive type of hydrogen.

Matthew Berman and Andrew Kotchen are the new beach boys: their firm, workshop/apd, is behind the plan to make Manhattan a beach town. It's called City Beach NYC and they're crowdsourcing funds now.

The ominous mass die-off of bees. The Xerces Society has advice on how to help bring back the pollinators.

Brooklyn Surf & Turf & Earth, a benefit for the Brooklyn Greenway, takes place Wednesday, June 25. Tickets

[Main image photo: NYCandre]

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