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Green Gifts

THE MORNING LINE From the NY Times, December 21, 1969: "Scientists have warned the human race that it is running the risk of allowing pollution to destroy life in the oceans and to alter the earth's climate by raising temperatures…J. O. Fletcher, a physical scientist for the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, Calif., said that man had 'only a few decades to solve the problem' of global warming caused by pollution. Global warming could cause further melting of the polar ice caps and affect the earth's climate."

Recycled Record Cuff

Mini Living Botanical Garden


Aquaovo Therm-O Terra
Tea infuser and travel mug

Hurraw Lip Balm

FEED 10 Bag with Pouch

Ski-Bot by Fred Conlon

U-Konserve Lunch System

Loofah Art Scrubbers

Myrtle Coint Pouch and Wallet

Eco Bone

Allegory Pens
From $68

Hemp Yoga Mat Bag

Ramblers Way Long Sleeve V-Neck

Toxics Avengers
Help get toxics off store shelves


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