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Green in Bklyn
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Many years ago, we heard a Broadway director say, emphatically, about New York: "The city doesn't grow oranges, it sells them." Leaving aside the question of climate, we knew what he meant.

Elissa Olin, founder of Green in Bklyn,432 Myrtle Ave.[Clinton/Waverly] 718.855.4383, was raised in NYC, once the least green place just about anywhere. It was a place to sell, not sow or conserve. The only grass New Yorkers knew from was Barney Greengrass.

That's all changed, of course. In just the past few years, we have planted 865,000 new trees in the five boroughs as part of the Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC initiative. Yesterday, Mayor de Blasio unveiled a green buildings plan, committed to reducing the city's greenhouse emissions by over 80% from its 2005 levels by 2050.

We grow food on rooftops and compost it when we're done. And for those of us who are not idiots, yesterday's climate march was a heartening local and worldwide recognition of the grim task ahead.

The UN Climate Summit this week will help keep the spotlight on the problem, but it's only through sustained longterm efforts, large and small, that we can hope to roll back some of the damage we have done.

Ms. Olin's store makes living green(er) easy. There are energy-saving lightbulbs, soy candles, Pangea skin products, Mrs. Meyers for house cleaning, Soda Stream for your carbonation needs, solar chargers, linens, composters, fair-trade coffee, toys and diapers for babies and treats for pets.

This is one store that we hope grows and multiplies.

[Tomorrow: What you need to know about lightbulbs]

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