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Green New York

What they do · Safeguards the ecological integrity of the Hudson River, its tributaries and the watershed of New York City (protecting the city's drinking water supply) by tracking down and stopping polluters.

What you can do · Hudson River debris sweeps on Saturdays, get your child's school involved in their education program, report polluters, donate money.

NY Restoration Project
What they do · Bette Midler launched this organization that restores, develops, and revitalizes underserved parks, community gardens, and open space in NYC.

What you can do · Plant trees, endow a bench, volunteer, get involved with the Boathouse at Swindler Cove Park on the Harlem River, donate money.

Transportation Alternatives
What they do · Advocates for cycling, walking, and environmentally sensible transportation.

What you can do · Participate in rides and events (including the Tour de Bronx), work for a car-free Central Park, volunteer, donate money.

Green Guerillas
What they do · For 30 years, the guerillas have been turning vacant rubble-strewn lots into vibrant community gardens.

What you can do · Annual spring cleanup day on May 3rd, volunteer, donate money.

Some of the Greenmarket farmers.

Berkshire Berries
Beth's Farm Kitchen
Bialas Farms
Bread Alone
Catskill Merino
Charlie's Garlic
Deep Mountain Maple Syrup
Fantasy Fruit Farm
Hodgson Farm
Hudson Valley Cider
Nature's Way Farm
Norwich Meadows Farm
Orchards of Concklin
Prospect Hill Orchards
Red Jacket Orchards
Ronnybrook Farm Dairy
Samascott Orchards
Wooly Hill Farm

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